Partnership meeting with Dublin City Council and partner organizations

On the 26th of March the Partnership meeting was held with the participation of local government of Dublin and partner organizations. In the meeting participated: representative of Dublin City Council – Gerry Folan, manager of Mendicity day centre and Trustee of Barka IE – Charles Richards, manager of the “Santa Maria” hostel for the homeless which had been closed last weekend – Catherine, Betty Sission (Mendicity and Trustee of Barka IE), a representative of Crosscare, director of Barka UK – Ewa Sadowska, Barka Leader – Andrzej Sydoruk and Bartosz Pawlak – assistant.
The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss the report summarizing the three months’ work of Barka IE, a detailed analysis of those who have returned to Poland, analysis of the people referred to detox, beneficiaries who are being convinced to return to Poland, and those who received documents through Barka or found employment.
The last part of the meeting was devoted to discussion over the new Employment Coordinator of Barka IE.
Participants have expressed satisfaction with the partnership and the results and work of Barka IE in Dublin. The next Board meeting will take place on the 16th of April.