Barka For Mutual Help IE is a registered charity (CHY: 20206478). Our mission is to provide severely excluded Eastern European migrants with the opportunity for reconnection and social reintegration. We can support individuals within Barka Network projects in Poland, help them return to their families or support them in addressing their addictions and going into rehab. We are based in Dublin and we cooperate with local services here such as day centres, prisons and medical services, as well as Central-Eastern Europeans Consulates.

In our migrants’ support projects, we work in teams of two people: a leader and an assistant. A leader is a person who has personal experience with homelessness and addiction, that is combated and rehabilitated within the Barka Network educational and community programs. The assistant is a person who knows a foreign language, has a formal education (e.g a degree in social work, psychology) and provides support to the leader. This method of work proved to be very effective in London, Dublin, Hamburg and Utrecht.
Registered charity: 20206478