Interns in Barka IE

Barka IE recently hosted two internships. Our first intern was Magda Herbik who visited us from April 3rd to April 10th . Magda is a globetrotter from Poland and a graduate of international relations studies, who has spent several months on a scholarship in both China and Turkey.

Our second intern who served as intern from 15 to 21 April was Wlodzimierz Placewicz. A Polish citizen, born in Lithuania, now living in Canada for the last 27 years. He is currently leading a house for people with mental health problems. He recently founded and registered Barka Canada in March of 2013. His recent visit to Dublin was the only one of a series of study visit to the Barka Network. In his monthly internship programme with Barka he visited Barka communities in Chudobczyce , Wladyslawowo, Posadowek, Strzelce Opolskie and Barka headquarters in Poznań, a social enterprise in the “W Starej Piekarni”(The Old Bakery). He also visited Social Integration Centres and other Barka centers abroad including projects in UK, Holland and Germany.

During their stay in Dublin interns observed the work of Barka staff and actively participated in meetings, built relationships with people in extreme circumstances (the homeless, addicts and unemployed). Barka IE would like to express our sincere thanks to the Interns for their hard work and the time spent working together in Dublin. We also offer our best wishes for their further successes. Welcome to the Barka family!