Steering group with Dublin City Council and partner organizations

On Tuesday the 1st of May partnership meeting took place. In the meeting representative of Dublin City Council – Gerry Folan took part and also representatives of Simon Community Detox – Mary Fleming, representatives of De Paul organization – David Carroll and Catherine Scully, representative of MendicityInsitution – Charles Richards and Barka IE staff – AndrzejSydoruk, Maria Sadowska and BartoszPawlak. During this meeting partners were discussing the monthly report and issues of Barka IE work in the North Frederic St. hostel and Mendicity Institution (day center which supplies meals). The results of the reconnection and employment projects were discussed. Partners also talked about their study visit in Poland which will take place at the end of May (27-30.05.2012). Next meeting will take place on Monday the 14th of May at 2 pm in The Homeless Agency.