25 Ukrainian mothers, children and elderly persons found a safe shelter in Barka facilities in Poznan. Further 20 refugees, Barka supported with finding other safe accommodation. For some of them it’s only a stop in their journey, while others plan to stay with us for longer.

Barka provides them with a warm bed, food, and other essential products and moreover: psychological and legal assistance, help with childcare, learning Polish and finding a job and a house.

Barka also organised some activities, for example Polish Ukrainian gastronomy workshop.

For more information on how to support Ukrainian refugees visit: https://barka.org.pl/?fbclid=IwAR3Bk1cMlMPATo8T3CiIXM7F5yIlv4Vvq43pZZ93FFvFqfyWSl9Xsyfu8uM