Workshop about addictions ” On the other side of the mirror”

On the 12th of April CKU – Centrum Konsultacyjne Uzaleznień (Centre for Addiction Counseling) in Dublin organized a workshop about addictions. This meeting was led by the psychiatrist and addiction specialist Bohdan T. Woronowicz. As a doctor he has been treating addicts for over 30 years. During the meeting he discussed: why people get addicted, how the healing starts, how to help addicts and not to live in the trap of addiction. The main topic of the workshop was “Is the person addicted to be blamed for his or her addiction”. In addition “other” causes and symptoms of addiction were discussed -from Pharma drug addiction to Internet addiction. The workshop was attended by people suffering addiction, their families, representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) and the Barka IE stuff. The initiative to invite Doctor Woronowicz to Ireland for this meeting proved both interesting and important. It has demonstrated the potential of a new and responsible approach to treating both addiction and those addicted.