Reconnection of vulnerable EU citizens in the month of June 2017

We are proud to share that in the month of June, 9 persons were reconnected via Barka IE to their home countries. This is 3 women and 6 men. Among those reconnected there is 1 Polish citizen, 7 Romanian citizens and 1 Lithuanian citizen. The individuals returned to their families.

From JANUARY 2017 to JUNE 2017, 46 individuals returned via BARKA IE to their families, 4 persons were reconnected to Barka Community in Poznan where they are in process of rehabilitation and job training.

The nationality breakdown of reconnected individuals:

Polish – 21 persons

Romanian – 15 persons

Lithuanian – 4 persons

Slovakian – 2 persons

Czech -1 person

Latvian – 1 person

Hungarian – 1 person

Italian -1 person