New leader– Jerzy Tymczak

Since the beginning of January BARKA Ireland is hosting a new leader– Jerzy Tymczak. Jerzy met BARKA UK 8 years ago, being homeless migrant living on a streets of London for over one and a half year.

Jerzy Tymczak

Jerzy Tymczak

He decided to be reconnected to Poland with BARKA UK where he received help with overcoming his alcohol problems in one of BARKA Communities in Chudobczyce. Since then Jerzy is associated with BARKA Poland where he helps to run Centre of Recreation by the lake in Chudobczyce.

For 7 Jerzy has been a BARKA leader working with Eastern and Central European migrants on a streets of London (UK), Utrecht (NL), Rotterdam (NL), and now – Dublin.

Jerzy has been a sailor for over 13 years and that is why his nick name is JERZY THE SAILOR (in Polish: JUREK MARYNARZ).