A message for Easter Season…

(…) That is why we say to all: “Come and see!”. In every human situation marked by weakness, sin and death, the Good News is not just a word. It is a testimony of the selfless and faithful love. It is about going beyond oneself to meet the other and be close to those who have been hurt by life. It is about sharing with those who do not have what is necessary to live. It is about staying by the side of those who are sick, old or excluded. “Come and see!”. Love is stronger, love gives life, love makes the desert bloom with hope. (Pope Francis)

Dear Friends!

In anticipation of this year’s Easter we wish for all our Dear Friends and for ourselves to never lack neither courage nor love, nor even a bit of responsibility to reach out to one another, to share what we have with those who most need it. So that in every situation, regardless of the circumstances, we are ready to go and see that the Resurrection is always!

On Easter Sunday, April 5, we invite All of You to enjoy XXVI Festive Easter Breakfast at Barka Centre in Poznan. The celebration will be held at 10.30 AM in the auditorium of the Centre for Solidarity Economy in Poznan, ul. Sw. Wincentego 6/9, (building B, first floor, auditorium of St. John Paul II)

We are awaiting you with joy!
Barka Team