Steering group with Dublin City Council and partner organizations

On Monday the 14th of May the meeting of partners was held in Homeless Agency. In the meeting there were present representatives of: Dublin City Council, Mendicity Board, CrossCare, De Paul, Simon Community Detox, Polish Consulate and Barka IE. Partners discussed the two weeks report and the results of Barka IE work in reconnection and employment projects. The representative of Consulate – Magdalena Nowacka talked about good cooperation with Barka IE. Mary Fleming – representative of Simon Community Detox – mentioned the importance of the process of Barka IE staff gaining trust not only of the beneficiaries, but also of the Irish institutions. This trust is essential for Barka IE staff to present good results of their work. During the meeting partners talked about the challenge of work with other than Polish Central and Eastern European nationalities. Partners also talked about the issue of the date of the completion of the 6-months pilot project of Barka IE which is scheduled for the end of June. Next steering group meeting will take place after the study visits of partners in Poland – on Monday the 4th of June.