Reconnections of vulnerable citizens of EU – Summary for 01-06/2020

We are happy to share that from the 1st of January till the 30 of June 2020, 29 persons were reconnected via BARKA For Mutual Help IE to their home countries: 17 men, 10 women and 2 youngsters.

Since the Irish government introduced special regulations due to rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, we applied an appropriate combination of remote and face to face support. We have worked over the phone, trough email and social media. In certain cases we had to meet our clients face to face while complying with social distancing and other rules.

Some of our most vulnerable clients required personal contact and assistance with translations, journeys to the airport and cases of reconnections or reaching the social services.

The nationality breakdown of reconnected individuals:

Country of origin Number of reconnections
Poland 18
Romania 4
Bulgaria 3
Czech Republic 3
Hungary 1
Total 27

BARKA’s response to COVID-19 related issues among homeless and vulnerable people:

Distributing of face masks (500) and hand sanitizers

Organising appropriate places for quarantine for those returning to their home country.

Securing accommodation at private hostels immediately before the reconnection (project with Polish consulate – for Polish citizens).

Information and advice. Providing information about COVID-19 and other practical information to our clients.

Reducing social isolation. We are in phone and e-mail contact with our clients, offering a comforting chat and advise.