President Higgins opened an exhibition about P. Strzelecki

In May Barka team was invited to launch of an exhibition “A Forgotten Polish Hero of he Great Irish Famine: Paul Strzelecki’s Struggle to Save Thousands”. The event took lace on Wednesday, the 8 th of May at the Royal Irish Academy in Dublin.

The exhibition was officially opened by the President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins.
It tells a captivating story about Count Paul Edmund Strzelecki, a Polish humanitarian, who, as the main agent of the British Relief Association during the Great Famine, developed a visionary and exceptionally effective mode of assistance: feeding starving children directly through schools. As a result, at its peak in 1848, around 200,000 children of all denominations were being fed and clad, many of whom would have otherwise perished from hunger and disease.

The exhibition was presented by Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Dublin and hosted by the Royal Irish Academy.