New Year, a happy New Year

It is just a year ago that Barka for Mutual Help Ireland was invited by the The Mendicity Institution and Dublin City Council. Now we can proudly say, that we have found our place in the your ‘fair city’. Barka joined a network of Irish organisations in order to support the migrants from Central and Eastern Europe. We are very happy to cooperate with them and to continuously improve our relations. Our reconnection program is based on close cooperation with the Barka Foundation and the Barka Network in Poland as well as supporting organisations in other countries. Over the past year 54 migrants were reconnected to their home countries. The labour market reconnections are very important too. Our service providing help in creating CVs, finding work opportunities and developing skills has been available since May. More than 60 persons sought advice at Barka’s employment service. More than 17 job seekers were able to find and maintain legal employment subsequently moving out of homelessness and/or economic vulnerability.