Meeting with representative of COPE Galway

On the 24thof July Barka IE staff and manager of the Mendicity Institution Charles Richards had a meeting with representatives of COPE Galway which lead COPE Galway Fairgeen Hostel and COPE Galway Day Centre. During the meeting Barka staff and Charles Richards presented the ethos, programs and operation of Barka in Poland and abroad. Then COPE Galway representatives informed about the extremely poor living conditions of homeless Polish staying for several years in Galway. Barka staff went to Galway for two days between the 21st and 22nd of July to meet the Polish homeless and Polish priest. Andrew – Barka’s Leader presented his testimony, the story of his life, reintegration and the want to “return” to society as a valuable citizen. Barka employees held long talks with the Poles living on the streets. They plan to return to Galway in the future and try to convince Polish homeless to change their life, and above all to save their life.