Meeting with Lorraine Scanlon – Project Manager of Return Hotline

On the 24th of May 2012 Barka IE staff had a meeting with Lorraine Scanlon, who is a Project Manager of Return Hotline organized within the EHC European Homecare Ltd.

The Voluntary Return Hotline is a non-profit project funded by the Department of Justice and EU return fund to provide information to asylum seekers and vulnerable irregular migrants about supports available in Ireland for people who with to return home but may not have the financial means to do so. People can call the Hotline for free and they receive the contact details of the services relevant to them.

During the meeting Barka IE staff talked about the project of Reconnection and Employment run in Dublin, so that some of the information can be forworded to people who call the hotline looking for help. We also talked about the project of Barka in Poland. The possible fields of cooperation were discussed.