Barka wins the EAPN Award

Barka wins the EAPN Award

Barka Foundation and Stichting Barka NL have been awarded EAPN 2013 ( European Anti Poverty Network) Award For Transnational Inspiration and Learning in The Fight Against Poverty And Social Exclusion.

Barka PL and Barka NL have been recognized for “their work in the field of fighting poverty and social exclusion, fostering transnational learning and the direct participation of people experiencing poverty”.

Excerpt from the EAPN information about the awarded organizations:

Stichting Barka, the Netherlands
Based on the work of Barka Foundation in Poland, Stichting Barka along with their counterparts Barka UK and Barka Ireland support migrants in the Netherlands coming from Central and Eastern European countries through reconnection programme (opportunities to return home for people facing homelessness or difficult social and economic situation), and they run a Social Economy Centre, supporting migrants on their way to economic and social rehabilitation and integration within the receiving country. Some of the people that were supported through Barka’s Leaders Approach programme have become leaders, are employed in projects run by Barka foundations across several countries or have initiated their own associations and are supporting others.

Other awarded organizations are: Obertament Association from Spain, Passage from India, Scotland and the City Council of Malaga, Spain. The Award Ceremony took place on the 30th of September in Brussels.

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