Barka staff visit to residents of Camden Hall Hostel

From the 17thof July Barka IE reconnection project staff began to work in Camden Hall Hostel, where about 90 homeless people sleep each night. Barka employees work with hostel residents, coming from Central and Eastern Europe. After talks with Barka IE staff several people who sleep in Camden Hall Hostel began to come to engage with Barka in the Mendicity Institution. In the Mendicity Institution they can participate in trainings, English language and computer course organized and run by one of the Barka staff members. Several residents of Camden Hall Hostel were referred to North Frederick Street Hostel.The NFS residents will still have to demonstrate motivation and commitment to change their lives. Employees of Barka IE visit migrants from Central and Eastern Europe, sleeping in the Camden Hall hostel every Tuesday and Thursday between 08:00 and 09.30 a.m.