Many people have told us that they would like to attend the conference planned for Saturday but family and other social commitments make attendance difficult.

We have been encouraged by the level of interest shown, as well as the regret at the inconvenient day.  And so in those circumstances we have decided to reschedule the conference to a weekday when we believe the conference will provide a more complete forum for exchange amongst greater numbers.

The Conference will now take place on 14th April, we w ill be in touch as soon as the details are finalised.


Current challanges in social policy. Poles in the EU. Homelessness and migrations


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Ewa Sadowska of Barka Ireland took part in a scientific conference „Current challanges in social policy. Poles in the EU. Homelessness and migrations”. organised by Jan Długosz Academy in Czestochowa  on the 3rd of December 2015. The conference highlighted a collection … Czytaj dalej

Civil Society Award for Barka


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BARKA Foundation has won the 2nd prize (Civil Society Award) from the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in Brussels for the project of vocational training centres for social integration supporting the unemployed people to return to labour market.

Zaproszenie dla Barka IE na spotkanie z Panem Grzegorzem Schetyną, Ministrem Spraw Zagranicznych RP

Uprzejmie informuję, że w dniu 6 lipca br. krótką wizytę oficjalną w Irlandii złoży Pan Grzegorz Schetyna, Minister Spraw Zagranicznych RP, w związku z zaplanowanymi na ten dzień polsko-irlandzkimi konsultacjami politycznymi z Panem Charlesem Flanaganem, Ministrem Spraw Zagranicznych i Handlu Irlandii.  Czytaj dalej

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A message for Easter Season…

(…) That is why we say to all: „Come and see!”. In every human situation marked by weakness, sin and death, the Good News is not just a word. It is a testimony of the selfless and faithful love. It is about going beyond oneself to meet the other and be close to those who have been hurt by life. It is about sharing with those who do not have what is necessary to live. It is about staying by the side of those who are sick, old or excluded. „Come and see!”. Love is stronger, love gives life, love makes the desert bloom with hope. (Pope Francis)

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Barka chairman admitted to the Council of Elders of the Pokomo Community in Kenya

Tomasz Sadowski, chairman of Barka Foundation for Mutual Help, was admitted to the Council of Elders of the Royal Tribe of Pokomo in Kenya. For the first time in 400 years, the white man has been adopted to the Council of Elders.  A ceremony took place on the 5th of March in the Barka centre in Poznan, Poland. For this occassion the king of the Pokomo Dr Makorani-a-Mungase VII paid a special visit.

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