President Higgins opened an exhibition about P. Strzelecki

In May Barka team was invited to launch of an exhibition “A Forgotten Polish Hero of he Great Irish Famine: Paul Strzelecki’s Struggle to Save Thousands”. The event took lace on Wednesday, the 8 th of May at the Royal Irish Academy in Dublin.

The exhibition was officially opened by the President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins.
It tells a captivating story about Count Paul Edmund Strzelecki, a Polish humanitarian, who, as the main agent of the British Relief Association during the Great Famine, developed a visionary and exceptionally effective mode of assistance: feeding starving children directly through schools. As a result, at its peak in 1848, around 200,000 children of all denominations were being fed and clad, many of whom would have otherwise perished from hunger and disease.

The exhibition was presented by Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Dublin and hosted by the Royal Irish Academy.

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Barka’s study visit to Russia

In March Barka Ireland representative, Ewa Sadowska and Magdalena Chwarscianek from Barka Netherlands, visited Moscow as part of the Peer-Ex program.

Ewa’s account of the trip: The study visit was an inspiring experience. We visited a number of organisations, cooperatives and local communities supported  by the Orthodox Church. We were surprised how much there is in common in terms of culture, mentality, organisation of social life and social care when it comes to Slavic and Russian context.

What was very apparent was huge disproportion between the small group of wealthy people and the vast majority of persons with very low income  –earning below $200 per month.

We visited, among others, communities run by Noe Organisation at Moscow suburbs, which operates on similar basis as Barka in Poland. The housing units are run by leaders in recovery and are self-sufficient (homeless and addicted people: women, man and families living from their work – they breed rabbits, pigs and goats, work in the woods and farms). The only difference is that Barka’s communities are run by residents’ associations whereas in Moscow it is more centralised: all the housing units are coordinated by the Noe organisation.

The passion and determination of the staff of organisations, creating the sense of community and space for inclusion and strengthening the human dignity is remarkable. Also the extent to which the church is active in the field of human aid is extraordinary.

Homelessness is a huge problem in Russia. We’ve learned that in Moscow lives 80,000 homeless and in St Petersburg – 60,000 (data estimated by one of the human aid organisations).

In Moscow, our team visited, among others, Milosiedze organisation’s shelters where homeless people can warm up – serving on average 200 people per day; training apartments for people with mental problems, and a number of social enterprises providing vocational training for people with mental issues, job-seekers, asylum seekers keeping busy working in woodwork, ceramic and construction workshops.

The costs of the study visit was covered by the Peer Ex program of the Euclid Network.

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Reconnection of vulnerable citizen of EU of 1Q 2019

We are proud to share that from the 1st of January till the 31st of March 2019,

19 persons were reconnected via Barka IE to their home countries.

The nationality breakdown of reconnected individuals:

Country of origin Number of reconnections
Lithuania 6 (32%)
Poland 5 (26%)
Latvia 5 (26%)
Hungary 3 (16%)
Total 19
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Zaproszenie dla Barka IE na spotkanie z Panem Grzegorzem Schetyną, Ministrem Spraw Zagranicznych RP

Uprzejmie informuję, że w dniu 6 lipca br. krótką wizytę oficjalną w Irlandii złoży Pan Grzegorz Schetyna, Minister Spraw Zagranicznych RP, w związku z zaplanowanymi na ten dzień polsko-irlandzkimi konsultacjami politycznymi z Panem Charlesem Flanaganem, Ministrem Spraw Zagranicznych i Handlu Irlandii.  Czytaj dalej

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A message for Easter Season…

(…) That is why we say to all: „Come and see!”. In every human situation marked by weakness, sin and death, the Good News is not just a word. It is a testimony of the selfless and faithful love. It is about going beyond oneself to meet the other and be close to those who have been hurt by life. It is about sharing with those who do not have what is necessary to live. It is about staying by the side of those who are sick, old or excluded. „Come and see!”. Love is stronger, love gives life, love makes the desert bloom with hope. (Pope Francis)

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Barka chairman admitted to the Council of Elders of the Pokomo Community in Kenya

Tomasz Sadowski, chairman of Barka Foundation for Mutual Help, was admitted to the Council of Elders of the Royal Tribe of Pokomo in Kenya. For the first time in 400 years, the white man has been adopted to the Council of Elders.  A ceremony took place on the 5th of March in the Barka centre in Poznan, Poland. For this occassion the king of the Pokomo Dr Makorani-a-Mungase VII paid a special visit.

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